Online application for Fresh Graduates 2022

    Personal Information Collection Statement pertaining to Recruitment

    The personal data collected in relation to your application will be treated in strict confidence and will be used by Crowe (HK) CPA Limited to assess your suitability to assume the job duties of the position for which you have applied.

    If you could not provide the required data, it may affect the processing and outcome of your application.

    In case we may not offer the position to you for the time being, it is our policy to retain the personal data of unsuccessful applicants for our future recruitment for a period of two years. When there are vacancies in our firm or our associated companies during this period, we may consider your application again and try to find out if you are interested in our offers.

    Under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, you have a right to request access to, and to request correction of, your personal data in relation to your application. If you wish to exercise these rights, please forward your request to Human Resources Department by email:

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